Poultry & Game

Our free-range Poultry offering is sourced from the fantastic “Creedy Carver” farm in Crediton, Devon.

James Coleman and his team farm from chicks the finest Free-range Devon Chickens. Offering the very finest possible product and for a reasonable cost.

Creedy Carver Free-range and barn reared Ducklings are available are widely acclaimed to be the very finest free range duckling and chicken on the market. The reason is the attention to detail right from birth. The Ducklings are allowed to roam the hills of the Devon farm, in natural flocks, allowed to the outdoors at all times and having access to water, where they can naturally swim, flock and react in their own environment.

This freedom and lack of stress produces the most tender and flavoursome product which is superior to anything else that is offered on the market. Available as Whole Ducks, Duck Breasts and Legs.

The chickens are also allowed to roam freely, and this is a long-estblished and superb free-range product, available to order on a weekly basis. Once you have tasted the free-range product you will agree that, again, this product is worth paying a few pence more for.

Quality Poultry

We have a great range of quality Poultry. Our standard Chicken product is from Banham Poultry which is a superb fresh English product.

We can source and supply English, Portions, Supremes, Corn-fed Supremes and English chicken fillets, as well as drumsticks, thighs, wings, etc;  All these products are fresh and can all be flavour-glazed with the range of glazes that we stock such as Piri Piri, BBQ, Jamaican Jerk, etc. (most flavours available).

We also offer a daily fresh Chicken Supreme product, in various sizes, skin on, bone in, or boneless and we are one of the only Companies that offer a skinless and boneless English Chicken Fillet, along with other cuts. English Corn-fed chickens and Supremes are also readily available.

We also sell the fresh chicken fillet as a standard and economical product.

We would then stock English and imported Turkey Breast, then standard Barbary Duck Breast and Duck Legs and other products from France.


Our Game offerings are mainly seasonal, however from September we can offer Grouse, Partidge, Venison, Dice Game meat, Pigeons, Partridge and pigeon breasts, as well as snipe, mallard and woodcock, and other more unusual game products, when available.

All our game is locally sourced from Cotswolds shoots, from Rogers Game, Fairford, and is mainly fresh, and available on a changing, weekly basis.

We can even get Wild Boar to order, and can offer Venison Sausages, Wild Boar Sausages and Venison Burgers for your menu.


Our game is often identifiable to various local shoots, all sourced from Rogers, Fairford.
Available in the fur and feather or oven-ready.

In season we also offer weekly game specials.


This year we are delighted to be procuring our English Turkey offering from our old friend Mike Burlton at "Burlton Farm Turkeys" Royston, Hertfordshire. This is a superior selected English Turkey and we are offering "Stags" for our catering trade as Whole Birds, Whole Crowns, Boneless Crowns or as boned and rolled Birds. You will find this product tender, lean and succulent, however prepared.

For your own Christmas table we will be offering Burlton Farm "Black Barn" Free-range Hens with various sizes available to order.

We have a full Christmas list available which also includes Free-range Geese, Duck and Capon along with Hand-raised pies and cheeses, Christmas puddings, pigs in blankets, and a wide range of other products.

Feel free to call and discuss.

Please phone our order hotline on 01993 837500

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