Quality English Beef & Lamb

We are proud to offer the finest English Beef and Lamb

Our English Beef and Lamb is sourced mainly from two fresh meat companies in the Cotswolds, Mutchmeats Ltd in Witney and Collicut Meats, near Cheltenham.
We also have access to local lamb and Pork through two local suppliers in the Cotswolds, Long Compton Abattoir and a local farm nearby, being Old Farm, Swinbrook

English Lamb

English Lamb
These companies produce and sell to us the finest English Lambs which are always available, and as a rule we store and cut 19-20kg Lambs. Generally Texals/Charolais breeds). This gives us a beautiful product, lean, succulent and delicious, from which we can offer any cut that you may require.

Our fresh Lamb is dry and well configured. We try and hang the lambs for a week in our dry-ageing room. This gives the lamb an amazing taste and tenderness. The product is available throughout the year. Early season "Spring Lamb" becomes available in early Spring.

We supplement this with a delightful range of prepared products, such as French-trimmed racks, shanks and chumps, which we procure from Ovation Lamb, and which are amazing sellers, as each product from the range is virtually identical.

English Beef

We do have a branded beef product “Windrush Meade Beef” , from Mutchmeats, on our doorstep (in Witney, Oxfordshire) from Prime young cattle (Under 30 months).
We try to work within R-O grade beef, which are typically small, quite lean and with good, but not excessive, fat cover and good marbelling).

We buy this selected product on a weekly basis, which we air-dry and further age on the bone up to 28 days in our maturation fridge.

This bespoke maturation fridge is temperature and humidity controlled, which produces a superior beef product which is full of taste and also very tender. We can supply this fantastic product on the bone or further broken down into primal joints, and can store your beef in advance to offer you the very finest beef product available.

 If you want the very best beef for your menu, try the Windrush Meade 28 day dry-aged product range. It is a little more expensive, but well worth the extra.

Windrush Meade rolled Topside joints are our standard, so this product is readily available every week, being a superb English Beef product for your roast meat weekend joint.

Our standard beef is sourced as above, but purchased as a vacuum-packed product. We can offer any beef product, and will cut and pack steaks, cuts or joints.

Once again, we try to source the very best possible from our boxed meats, and can always be very competitive, whilst continuing to offer the very best that we can get.

Minced, diced and cut products are prepared on a daily basis, and we will always find the best available product to suit our customers. We can cut and pack to your specification and guarantee traceability from the guidelines of the Beef Labelling Scheme. All Beef products are fully traceable.

We work within the guidelines of the FSA (Food Standards Agency), mainly with approved suppliers and as a nominated EBLEX (now AHDB) distributor.

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