Speciality cooked meats and deli 

The finest cooked meats, deli and cheeses

Our cooked meats list is quite expansive. We offer anything from Sliced Ham or Corned Beef to whole joints of Chorizo and Milano Salami, Whole Mortadella and cooked half or whole Ham Joints.

We can offer a fantastic service on this product as anything can be ordered overnight and the list of products available is enormous. So if there is a product that you require, however obscure, we can get it!

As with our other products, we are happy to keep cooked meats in stock for your requirements.

Stocked items include; Serrano Ham, Proscuito, Pancetta, sliced and whole; Anti-pasta, Salami, Brescaola, as well as day to day products such as sliced Ham, Beef and Turkey.

Stocked Cheeses from our deli-list would also include Sliced Emmental, Sliced Monteray Jack, and Sliced Mature Cheddar, plus we always have in stock; Grated Mature Cheddar, Grated Mozzarella, Mozzarella Balls, Boccoccini, Feta, Halloumi, Goats Log and Parmesan.

To supplement this expansive range of Charcuterie and Cheeses, we also offer fresh Olives, Anchovies, Sun blushed Tomatoes, Fresh Eggs and other delicatessen offerings for your menu.

We carry for convenience a blended Olive Oil, and to complete the deli offerings we also stock confit Duck Legs and Duck Fat in tins.

Fresh Olives are available as a Spanish mixed bar Olive (our most popular-picture, right), and also stocked are Pitted green and black Olives. Belazu, our Olive supplier, also offers a vast range of speciality Olives and Olive Oils and other more unique products, please ask for a brochure.
Anything is possible!

Please phone our order hotline on 01993 837500

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